Monday, 13 December 2010


In rendering the junk final images, I've encountered problems with ropes and the cabin textures. It only needs time, as ever. Even on my quickest machine, rendering takes hours per scene, and every time I get a rope position wrong, it has to be done again. I think I'll use cylinders and tori to get the anchor positions right, before final render. We're getting there. At least I'm working on it virtually every night now.

I've embedded the instructions for multiple renders in the junk.pov code. In the past it's always taken forever to remember how to do it.

KFI and KFF are the initial and final frame nos (each scene's file label is appended with frame no, which corresponds to scene no)

KI and KF are the initial and final clock values which I use to change the scene no.

// "animation" command line string (paste in empty command line box above)
// +KFI100 +KFF102 +KI0 +KF2

// comment out next line if animation in force
#declare scene=100;

// comment in following line if animation in force
// #declare scene = clock+100;

MP3 player

An interruption - I may have found a suitable mp3 player (by Neolao) to substitute for the rather awkward MIDI player in the Javascript. (Note to self - see samsung/notino/bridge)

Friday, 10 December 2010

Starting to Build the new version

Now working on changing to include the junk section.

Had to re-discover the build route - it's more than a year since it was last changed. I've improved the build environment, and installed up to date JREs.

Every time I start a scene, I trip over something I've forgotten, but it's progress, constant progress.