Thursday, 5 December 2013

Bug Fix

Smoothed out the size fitting algorithm, with the result of much cleaner renders.
Fixed a bug whereby if a sprite was dropped on a page with no valid position so that it went to the inventory in the position of the inventory exit, then it couldn't be picked up!

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Incredible time gap...

... but I'm back at my little forge, carving this and that.
I built another test version which you can load from this handy link.
I was dissatisfied with the re-rendering engine in android java, so I built a version that only does a few sizes of playfield. It needs work, but it's viable.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Another Aide Memoire post

I have so many scribbled bits of paper that I keep losing. I'm going to do a list of the scenes with scene numbers and names.

  • 200 Hi N (junkhin) (with rocket launcher)
  • 201 Hi S (junkhis) (above beach)
  • 202 Hi W (junkhiw) (towards rocks)
  • 203 Hi E (junkhie) (to distant sea)
  • 204 Unlikely to use
  • 205 Unlikely to use
  • 206 Lo N Parked junk (junklopark)
  • 207 Unlikely to use
  • 208 Lo SW beach Probably won't use it
  • 209 View back up cliff (junkloup) Cliff path painted in.
  • 210 Lo South beach (junklosb) Landing place on lo level.
  • 211 No use at present
  • 212 High, looking down on beach but beach has to be painted in (junkhisx)
  • 213 Lo N no junk (junklon)
  • 214 Lo W (junklow)
  • 215 Lo E Dark cave (junkloe)
That's all for the time being. I'm building another prototype.

Thursday, 4 April 2013


What time I've spent on the project since November has been spent on Povray, which doesn't lend itself to blogging. But Christmas, another issue of Mythaxis, and a bit of home improvement took priority at various times. We now have a couple of animated junks, an advance on Rock design, and a cave.

On Jade code, plans are afoot to distinguish between animated and static images for the same sprite. Also, it's now clearer how to restore configurations which are changed as a result of user action. e.g. where zone destinations have been altered, or resources used up, or doors opened.