Sunday, 25 January 2015


Created a bunch of new scenes, all to do with the subterranean caves.

Now need to design the code to allow change of Exit as a result of user action. For example, if the candle is present, the cave backgrounds are illuminated, so the destination screen might be different. Or to have the junk present.  Also necessary to record the change so that a runtime save / restore can recreate the changes.

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

At the End of Another Long Gap

Since my last post - more than a year ago - matters have been largely stationary, due to an extended project with no connection to this, but which tied me up, with barely the time to do my Mythaxis business.

You haven't missed much. I made some performance improvements, added a cursor which follows the touch and stays where the last touch lifted. The major change happened after a painful time with Eclipse, on upgrading desktop hardware, then wifi problems, only finally resolved last week when when I migrated the project to Android Studio.

For a while last year, I was unable to work on povray because of remote accessibility, which I needed. So, I've moved onto the rocket cave in povray, and will be extending the game and the engine real soon now.