Tuesday, 13 January 2009

The Graphic Environment of the Game

Using PovRay, a free ray-tracing package, I've built the island environment in which the game plays. You only see a fraction of it in the sample game, and even that is badly textured.

The basic terrain was mapped out using GFORGE - producing a height model which PovRay accepts and builds into a surface.

The scale is not vast. At the left of the plan above, you can see the L-shaped landing stage in brown, which is 2.8 metres wide.

A bonus of this construction method is that the interior of the surface is hollow, and so if a tunnel is driven into the rock, it reveals a cavern, the full height of the mountain. It is necessary to conceal the fact that the mountain is paper-thin by never showing the actual edge of the hole!

The development plans I have so far are :
  • a "trophy room" type of ending to the game, in which, once all the collected items are brought to the room, the game ends
  • a door with a maze lock
  • an elevator worked by water power which the player has to set working by moving valves
  • boats
  • bamboo stairways and structures
  • trees and vegetation
  • lots of odd items
  • a control centre on the left hand peak which lifts and lowers bridges and generally opens and closes pathways.
I intend to concentrate on a rich environment that is a pleasure to be in, as opposed to a simple puzzle.

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