Monday, 6 April 2009

Important bug solved

Sorted. The solution was to drop anything being carried into the limbo room before doing the Restore. The bug was caused by the clash of an object being simultaneously carried and restored to an uncarried situation.

Also, and in connection with this bug, I added the "limbo" room to the system. All adventures need a limbo room in which to store objects that aren't anywhere else. For example, a sprite that has been destroyed, or has not yet been revealed can be left in there where it will do no harm until such a condition arises whereby the game writer decides to put the object back in play. "limbo", like "inventory" becomes a compulsory scene in the system, because it is referred to in the RestoreGame function by name.

After another sweep through the code to pick up any other anomalies or improvements, I'll publish version 1.1 in both source and runtime.

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