Saturday, 19 May 2012

More Struggle

Google is keen to get to know me and help out. Perhaps they could improve their user interface on this Xoom.

Anyway, I've made a little progress with the game but I don't want to go too far without testing my changes on the emulator which I can't do right now.

re. Bundle management

For simplicity, it's best if the game restore string for orientation is the same structure as the optional game save file that's stored locally.

Therefore, I am not going to make use of the Key:value pair structure in the Bundle except to label the whole save string.

In addition, since the game may be updated/altered, the save string must always be forwards/backwards compatible.

Must watch out for possible duplicate keywords e.g. spritename/scenename both called "pause"; imagenames will often be the same as sprite/scene names. Partially identical names in the savestring could also be problem, as we search it for spritenames among other things. Perhaps all keywords in the string should be uppercase and preceded by a type letter. e.g. S for sprite, R for scene(room), G for general state markers.

re. Scene alteration

Mostly, changed or additional zones with new destinations. Occasionally, delete zone. Sometimes, different image(s) or music.

So, for any alteration - like an open door with a new exit, we just have a key in the save string that causes us, on restore, to call a method in JadeData which makes the alteration.

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