Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Composite Sprites

I was planning a new Class - a composite sprite - which would enable a number of sprites to be considered as a cluster which always moved together, but might have different schedules - e.g. a static main sprite, such as a boat, with animated bow wave, only when moving, and an animated flag which might wave or droop.

My first draft of this class quickly showed me the error of my ways, as the coordination of the multiple sub-sprites would be extremely difficult, due to scaling and flipping, for example. Especially scaling.

Unless.. the multiple subsprites were co-located - i.e. had the same position (which is a CENTRE position), even if this meant they had a lot of transparent content in them.

Once you do that, however, there's no longer any need for a composite class. You just mirror certain characteristics of the main sprite (position, scale etc.) on the subsprites, eliminating the need for a composite class.

Easier still, make the main sprite and the principal subsprite as a single sprite with all the necessary animations - say, the boat and its wake, and use a separate sub sprite for each of the other animations required.

So, long story short, no composite sprite class.

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