Thursday, 5 February 2015

Re: Switches, Conditional Scenes and Use of Inventory


I had thought I might have to implement a new class - Switches - to enable recognition of new conditions (e.g. Rocket already fired) and to give a handle to Save and Restart. However, I am now sure that Sprites themselves will be sufficient, either by detecting the the presence or position of a Sprite, or by creating a Zombie Sprite whose Position data can be used to indicate a state. The Zombie would be saved and restored like a carryable or movable Sprite. The Zombies would be in the Limbo scene (which is unreachable by players), and would never need to be drawn in real play, though inspection by developers of the Limbo scene would aid debugging..

Conditional Scenes:

I have now implemented  a function in JadeData that inspects every destination scene before a scene switch, and changes the destination scene according to current game conditions.

Use of Inventory

Hitherto, if a carried sprite was dropped, and there was no specific dropzone on that scene, it was dropped into Inventory. I'm changing this so that Inventory drops only occur if there's a specific location in Inventory specified in the sprite dropzones. Otherwise, no drop will take place.

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