Monday, 13 April 2015

Another Aide-Memoire Post

Now Spring is here, I find any free time gets gobbled up by gardening, repairs, golf and other chores. The trouble is that, though programming progresses steadily, images take lots of time.

However, there is an upside to tedious activities, namely that I can think about Jade while I'm doing them. Unfortunately, many of my most brilliant thoughts tend to vanish before I get time to implement, or even record them. So, I've taken to scribbling these gems of wisdom on any convenient sheet of paper or cardboard, and I'm getting them down in writing before they get rained upon.

Additional images required:

  • Stationary - no sails, Animated - raise sails - May be the same view from junkhie
  • Moving off - May be the same animation varied only by size
  • Seen from sea level
Rocket (from junkhie):
  • Lift off
  • Graceful parabola
  • More furniture for views from junk (distant junks, gulls, already provided). Perhaps purloin scenes from the Povray library
  • A few oddments for the interior/deck of junk
  • Arrows on pylons (no need for binoculars in close-ups - use a single background and bounce)

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