Wednesday, 26 November 2008


Some five years ago, maybe longer, I started writing an adventure system which could deliver a Myst-like adventure over the web (i.e. through a browser).

I did a proof of concept small adventure which you can see by clicking the image to the right here:

It's a java applet operating with some assistance from a javascript framework.

I caution you... it is pretty lame. There are only 3 or 4 scenes, the click detection is not correct and the music is delivered via a javascript framework.

But it contains the basis for an adventure - the circling birds on the front screen, the ability to pick up and drop the key, the inventory, save and restore features, the ability to add scenes and sprites at will via simple java functions. The scenes are generated using POVRAY.

It began with Mark Tacchi's Gamelet Toolkit, and I'd hoped to use it almost unchanged, but although there are still chunks of Mark's code in the graphics area, my engine is largely unrecognisable.

So this is the starting point. Here we go. Comments and offers of assistance are welcome!

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