Friday, 28 November 2008

The Javascript functions in Page3js

(Boy, did I have a job rendering the code in an acceptable way. Finally got it the way it is, and I'm happy with it but I've modified the template for pre tags.)

The page page3js.htm is the page that arrives in the "mainframe" frame.

The first section of this is a couple of functions to deal with the midi songs.

There may be an issue with starting and stopping the music when the applet is "frozen", as the music continues in Firefox if it is on a hidden tab.

<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN">
<TITLE>Bridge - Page3js</TITLE>

<script language="Javascript" type="text/javascript">
//self.onerror = function(){return (true);}

var songname="hush"; //current song
var soundtoggle = "on" //music on

// change the contents of the sound frame
// unless it's already playing
function newsong(name)
if (name == songname) return;
if (name=="c12") parent.soundframe.location="c12.htm";
if (name=="ara") parent.soundframe.location="ara.htm";
if (name=="") parent.soundframe.location="hush.htm";

songname = name;

// switch music off or on
function togglesound()
var temp = songname; //remenber the current song
if (soundtoggle == "on")
newsong(""); //silence
songname = temp;
soundtoggle = "off";
document.form1.togglebutton.value="Switch Music On";
songname = "hush";
soundtoggle = "on";
document.form1.togglebutton.value="Switch Music Off";

The following functions deal with communication to and from the applet, which, for historical reasons that I forget, is called Bridge.

The first function calls two more functions that poll the applet for new Save data and for a request to change the song currently being played. Then it arranges to be called again.

The communication always takes the form of a function being called, a function of the form: document.Bridge.function-name(...).

Note that save data is stored in a cookie. On a request from the Save button press, the game is requested to start collecting save data. When a poll from checkSave() results in some data being there, the javascript stuffs it away. When a Restore is requested, the applet is called with the cookie data.

function checkApplet()
setTimeout('checkApplet()', 2000);
function checkSave()
// the term: + "" added to the result to ensure
// against a null return
var savestring = document.Bridge.getSave() + "";
if (savestring != "")
var nextyear = new Date();
document.cookie = "saved=" + escape(savestring)
+ "; expires=" + nextyear.toGMTString();
function changeSong()
var appsong = document.Bridge.checkSong() + "";
if (appsong != "none")
if (soundtoggle == "on")
songname = appsong;
function saveGame()
function restoreGame()
var allcookies = document.cookie;
var pos = allcookies.indexOf("saved=");
var start = pos+6;
var end = allcookies.indexOf(";", start);
if (end == -1) end = allcookies.length;
var value = allcookies.substring(start, end);
value = unescape(value);

Tomorrow I'll continue with the BODY of page3js.htm

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