Monday, 11 June 2012


Having further considered the matter of the GUI, I've decided to base it all on sprites, rather than a special screen. It is probably neater, and certainly more efficient. So another carefully designed backdrop hits the wastebin.

So, what's still to do?
  • Scale, flip and mirror on sprites;
  • Cursor;
  • More detailed touch control;
  • Pick-up and drop;
  • The save / restore for Android OS operations. The game has to be revivable if it is re-oriented, de-focussed etc. by the user.  It's an Android preoccupation;
  • Similarly, and, I hope, using the same compression technology, the user save / restore;
  • Music,which I hope to implement by using the built-in MP3 player;
  • The Jade game itself, for which I have a lot of scenery and virtually no plot;
  • The various delivery activities to get it to Beta Test and Android Market.
In short, still a lot to do, but the worst is over, I think. Actually getting a limp-mode game on screen has been an achievement. This time, as opposed to the original applet-based software, I've compartmentalised the code so that it will be easy to expand the game, or even base another game on the same engine.

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