Saturday, 9 June 2012

Progress to Date

Well, where am I?
  •  Scaling for whatever size of playfield is available works perfectly.
  • After pestering with invalidateRect() for weeks to deal with the "dirty" rectangles on the screen, and finding it doesn't work the way I expected, I now just repaint the whole playfield (the image part of the View) every tick. In tests, both on emulator and Xoom, it's fast enough, even with a couple of active sprites. My ticks are approximately 18/second;
  • I can detect a touch in various aspects;
  • I can click a sprite and change screen, I've dealt with the problem of re-entrant popscreens;
  • I'm wrestling with the GUI concept. Basically, there's an icon on every screen, which, if clicked, takes you to an options screen where you can choose to select the inventory screen, quit, save, restore or switch the music on and off (the music is not yet incorporated);
  • I can display moving sprites (the gulls in the illustration below) with multiple (24, in this case) images.

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