Monday, 2 July 2012

Cursor Implemented

I've now done the cursor. It's a Sprite, but with special characteristics. It only appears while you are touching the screen (ie between a down and an up event). It is invisible unless there is a zone or an active sprite under it. Actually, it was a little inconvenient as an entity. It might have been more "architectural" to have it as a separate class, but it had so much in common with a sprite that it was convenient, despite all the exceptions I had to introduce to its behaviour. There are currently 7 cursor shapes :
  • Default - blank
  • The four direction pointers
  • The crosshairs
  • The Hand - indicating something that can be operated or picked up. 
It's just over three months since I started the project. It feels good progress so far.
Still TODO:
  • Picking up and dropping items
  • Music and sounds. Probably using SoundPool.
  • Putting a Beta version together


Unknown said...

How cool a project.

I have the same dream. Riven made the largest impression on me.

Is there a "latest stable demo version" available anywhere ?

Gil said...

From time to time, I have a stable jade.apk demo. If you can handle an apk file, then send me your email to, and I'll send you a copy.