Friday, 13 July 2012

Some Progress and a Design for Music and SFX

The Progress:
I realised I hadn't accounted for save and restore of holdable items. If it's already held, then all we need remember is the sprite that's being held. This can be achieved at the top level, where the player's current location is remembered. If, however, the sprite has been picked up and dropped away from its home screen, then the scene and x y have to be remembered. Code to do this is in test.

Design for Music and SFX:
It's currently my plan to use the SoundPool facility. This allows you to store a number of sound files with the application and also allows several channels to play at once. In this case, I would use one channel for the theme music or soundscape (e.g. birdsong, waves, wind etc.) of each scene, and another two for individual sound effects.
I think I can put this in a thread, which first loads the sounds, then is wakened up every 200 ms, say, which checks a variable in JadeView for each of the sound channels. Once it has started the channel, it sets the variable to "done". It can then see the next sound request when "done" is replaced. If the soundscape is unaltered, it just continues to play.

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