Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Example Game

For the morbidly interested, I have uploaded the current Alpha version of Jade as Jade.apk, available from http://amazonsystems.phpzilla.net.

This is a "game" with just six scenes, and very little to do except pick up a candle and drop it, but the music and sound effects are there, and the options.

Try it if you dare. Actually it is very benign as alpha versions go. Other than its own running space and private data, it only uses the media player, and surrenders or pauses that whenever it loses focus.

It works for me on my Android Xoom, but I'm interested in the behaviour of other platforms.

From left to right the options are Quit, Restore, Save, Music On/Off, Inventory, Pause.

Double tap to pick up and drop the candle.

Sparing no expense, the source is also available at the same address.

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