Friday, 27 March 2009

Development system

Over the last few days, I've set up a simple development system using command line calls to javac etc. I've installed EZ Document Safe to keep the sources and versions in order.

The good news is that the original code still compiles and runs.

I have found out why the mouse click doesn't work so well. If you drag the mouse a little when you press, you don't get a Clicked event; you may or may not get a Dragged event; you may get both; and it all depends on the JRE platform, the timing and how far it was dragged. There's a certain amount of discussion on SunWeb about the matter, and I used a test application to see what was going on.

I've devised a new system which ought to work on all platforms. I'll try it soon.

I have also downloaded JLayer, an mp3 player. It works in free-standing mode, but I don't know how it'll fare when I try to incorporate it into my code. I may just run it in a separate applet like the current midi ones.

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