Thursday, 26 March 2009

Some Story and Setting Outlines

Chinese Myst - Ideas

Major features :
o 3 mountains, each with a different character
o Bridges which need to be deployed
o Stairways and paths
o Pagodas, elevators, secret compartments and passages
o Monastery
o Nothing that's inappropriate technology, so use water power, clockwork, rope and pulley, steam etc.
o Locks, Puzzle locks, trapdoors
o Parts to fit in a matrix or jig-saw
o Logical puzzles

Despite appropriateness of technology, allow a little magic - tiny dragons, animated statues, self-igniting candles, ghost, fireworks, distant events in a crystal ball or animated picture or model. Also the fan is the equivalent of the Myst book (teleport mechanism).

Temple dogs, vases, chest of many drawers, lamps, screens, nested objects, musical instruments, cabinets, boxes, gong, water clock, teapot.

? Boat travel ? Aerial Runway

No language or writing, but perhaps some simple symbols.

Tiny model of the game world.

The Objective

(i) Must be revealed without verbal description so it could be demonstrated in a picture or a fan.

(ii) NOT the following hackneyed objectives:
a) Lord of Evil - destroy him... NO!
b) Imprisoned Princess - free her... NO! NO!
c) Save the Planet... NO! NO! NO!
d) Find the Ultimate Treasure... NOT AGAIN!

(iii) Well, perhaps a treasure hunt with trophy case. Collect seven treasures. The empty trophy case at the beginning, the filled one ends the game. A picture shows how the trophy case should look.

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