Saturday, 14 March 2009

Parallel Development

I've now described the original game, and delivered the sources for public consumption. Next, I shall embark on a new generation of the game.

Writing this game all by myself is going to be a bit of a challenge and a trifle lonely. Three threads have to be handled:
  • Engine code development
  • POVRay images development
  • Story development
Frankly, I could do with some help on any of the threads.

First, I'll set up a new code development and test environment. I don't even know if my 2003 code will still compile and work if I recompile it with an up-to-date Java. Most of my early development took place on J++, which, despite its shortcomings, was a pretty friendly development environment. Latterly, I was using the Sun bare bones development system. I flirted with Borland JBuilder for a while, but it was more trouble than benefit.

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