Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Returning to POVRay

I no longer have the POVRay source I used for the example game, but the current (2008) version is not so very dissimilar, so I have stored that at http://amazonsystems.phpzilla.net too.

The whole of the game world is contained within the single source file China3.pov. Quite near the beginning of the file, you can choose a scene number. The approximate aspect covered by the scene number is described in a comment.

The islands are described by the height file Output.tga.

What you get is a terrain marked out in triangles. I have given it a jade texture, which seems to suit the angular effect. Some of the textures I have specified are rather simple and will be altered for final rendering, as they take too long for testing if complex.

The world is not very rich in variety as yet. I intend to add details such as trees and other plants, stones, and various "natural" features. Other scenery will include tunnels, stairways and buildings. I have included a bamboo object to use as building materials, with the bamboo.gif file for texture.

The game itself will require buttons, levers, doors, bridges, mechanisms and no end of cunning stuff, but often, though they may be designed in POVRay so that they match the surrounding illumination and background, they will be delivered in the game as sprites rather than as scenery, so that they can move.

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